стабилизатор напряжения однофазный.

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Electrohydropulse equipment. Development, making, delivery and implementation

Up to date electrohydropulse plants intended for core knockout from casts (cast cleaning of moulding sand) is the most economic, non-polluting and above all a high-grade method of cast cleaning of a core sand of any complexity. Our equipment reliably operates in difficult conditions of foundry that is proved by its successful performance at more than 700 enterprises:

  • Ukraine (Мetallurgical Complex «Azovstal», Donetsk Metal Works...);
  • Russia (Machine-building corporation «Uralmash», JSC «Izhorskiye zavody», JSC «Severstal»...);
  • Japan (Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu Motors, Kawaguchi Nainenki...);
  • Germany (Machine-building plant in Torgelow);
  • Slovakia (JSC PSL Považska Bystrica);
  • India (Aviation factory in Sanubeda...)

and other.

Before cleaning After cleaning Before cleaning After cleaning

You can tentatively calculate the time and cost of EH treatment of your cast here.

Irrespective of low cost of electrohydropulse plants, they have a number of advantages, such as:

  • Sharp rise in productivity in 2 - 4 times that provides pay-back of the equipment for 1 - 2 years of maintenance;
  • Decrease in the cost price and power consumption combined with high quality of core removal even from the most difficult casts;
  • Radical improvement of working conditions and environmental setting at a production site;
  • Hard manual labor mechanization;
  • Exclusion of conditions for occupational diseases origination (vibration white fingers, silicosis, etc.);
  • Removal of core and foundry sands of almost any strength;
  • Exclusion of casts tertiary treatment;
  • Decrease of residual stresses in casts without heat treatment;
  • Stabilization of geometrical sizes of casts;
  • 2 – 2.5 times decreased occupied production area.

Also our organization specializes on development, making and delivery of electrohydropulse equipment and technologies in the following directions:

  • Crushing of ferro-concrete foundations and oversized minerals;
  • Decrease in level of residual stresses in welded structures and removal of foreign residues on weld seams;
  • Removal of paint and varnish coverings;
  • Crushing and refinement of ceramics, porcelain and other fragile materials, including high-strength refractory materials;
  • Removal of slag from metallurgical production wastes;
  • Cleaning of wheels and distributors of immersion centrifugal electric pumps;
  • Decrease in labor input for dismantling of immersion centrifugal electric pumps at repair, etc.